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The Final Four

April 1, 2011

Voting for the #twitterfightclub final four is now open! Please vote for the most skilled pugilists in both brackets based upon the following criteria:

  • knowledge base
  • logic and reasoning
  • humor, snark, and facility with quips
  • responsiveness to followers
  • charisma and overall awesomeness

There is also a qualitative component to this round, counting for 50% of the contestants’ score. @jeremyscahill and @attackerman will be engaging in an actual twitterfight once a time for the match has been established — a much anticipated match that has been likened to the famed Muhammad Ali-George Foreman “rumble in the jungle.” They will be judged by a panel, all of whom will issue written opinions explaining their votes, consisting of:


Since @ggreenwald declined the opportunity to engage in a pugilistic match with @abumuqawama, a separate panel of named judges will be assembled to assess their past output and thus similarly introduce a qualitative element to their match (judging panel to be announced shortly).

There is much at stake. History could be at stake. Winning the future is certainly at stake. Choose wisely.

Polls will remain open until 0100 EDT.

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