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Twitter Fight Club: Now with More Twitterfighting!

March 31, 2011

All across Twitter, people are rising up and demanding the disenfranchisement of Twitterfightclub voters. “It’s a little sad, but the outcomes of matches at this point in #twitterfightclub correspond with # of followers,” complained one embittered pugilist. And this came from someone who made it to the final four. There is clearly a strong demand: more fighting, less voting.

When the people speak, we listen. Due to popular demand, the first of the two final four matchups will feature an actual twitterfight, observed closely by an impartial expert panel of judges who will play a key role in determining the winner. @jeremyscahill and @attackerman will be taking it to the streets — or rather, to the pixels — and engaging in a ten to fifteen minute twitterfight at a mutually agreed-upon time (time  and topic to be announced soon.) Although Scahill has more followers than Ackerman, he quickly agreed that testing the fighting skillz of the contestants would be a good idea, and even sent a gracious note to his loyal followers in anticipation of the change.

The aforementioned expert panel will judge the epic Twitter duel between @jeremyscahill and @attackerman based on the established criteria which all voters have surely been carefully considering:

  • knowledge base
  • logic and reasoning
  • humor, snark, and facility with quips
  • charisma and overall awesomeness.

But after consulting the UN Security Council, we have decided not to render your votes totally irrelevant. The panel decision will count for 50% of the total outcome, and audience votes will count for the other 50%. Consider this #twitterfightclub learning key lessons from American Idol.

Be on the lookout for announcements about the expert adjudicatory panel, as well as what time this twitterfight for the ages will occur. @jeremyscahill vs. @attackerman. A fight surely to be remembered in the history books alongside Ali-Foreman.

Whether the second half will follow suit, and feature an actual twitterfight, will be up to @abumuqawama and @ggreenwald after they have had the opportunity to witness this epic match.

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  1. TJM permalink
    March 31, 2011 5:28 am

    Glad to see this sham exposed and a good faith attempt made to rectify it. Anyone who voted against jstrevino in the early rounds was smoking crack. He goes out searching for twitterfights daily. A true twitter warrior.

  2. SadderSusan permalink
    March 31, 2011 8:58 pm

    Finally, What TWITTER was intended for!

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