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Round Two

March 24, 2011

To put it bluntly, the first round of the Twitterfightclub tournament was not kind to underdogs. Only five lower-ranked teams were able to eke out first round victories, only two of whom (@jonathanshainin and @ThinkStrat) could be regarded as Cinderellas. Nice shoes job, gentlemen.

Will the round of 32 go as smoothly for top-ranked teams? As you can see, there are some tough matches involving highly skilled pugilists. Choose wisely, as the course of history could hang in the balance. (There has already been talk of @abumuqawama being elected — or perhaps, appointed — president. Surely a loss in Twitterfightclub would prove an insurmountable barrier to a 2012 run.)

To review: what makes a good Twitterfighter? The key factors you should evaluate include:

  • knowledge base
  • logic and reasoning
  • humor, snark, and facility with quips
  • frequency of tweets and willingness to engage with followers
  • charisma and overall awesomeness

The right to vote is an awesome one, carrying great responsibility. Cast your ballot wisely.

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