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Welcome to Twitter Fight Club

March 21, 2011

64 fighters enter, only one leaves. Not to be hyperbolic, but this week the polls open for perhaps the greatest contest in recorded history. And YOU, dear reader, get to play a role in this momentous event by picking the tournament champion.

So how do you choose from these esteemed names? The Twitterfight Seclection Committee has narrowed the field to this ‘Super 64;’ now you are picking the winner of each of these fights based on the key factors that make someone successful on Twitter: knowledge base, logic and reasoning; humor and snark; facility with quips; frequency of tweets; willingness to engage with followers; charisma; and overall awesomeness. Choose wisely, and good luck to all the contestants.

The champ will receive a prize, but more importantly he or she will earn bragging rights the likes of which have never been seen in the twittersphere. And even if you are not one of the 64 who have earned a berth in the big tournament, you can still get a share of the (probably silly but also probably awesome) prizes and more importantly, the glory: submit a copy of the brackets with your picks to The highest scoring bracket will earn its creator his or her own crown. All entries must be submitted before the first round of voting begins this Wednesday, 23 March at 0900 EDT.


Download your editable bracket here: twitterfightclub_v11.

UPDATE: The PDF hasn’t been working for everyone, so there is now an you can download as well: Twitterfightclub.

The Twitterfight Selection Committee reserves the right to post your brackets on this website.

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  1. TJM permalink
    March 21, 2011 11:27 pm

    My bracket.
    Final Four: InkSptsGulliver vs GGreenwald and JoshuaFoust vs JStrevino
    Winner: JoshuaFoust defeats GGreenwald

    My picks leaned heavily in favor of tweetstamina. The four above never tire. They will relentlessly hammer away at their keyboards, leaving behind whatever work they had planned for the day to ensure that if some guy on the internet is wrong about something, he knows it.


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